metaFox - deep pictures 'emotional worlds' photo postcards €39,95
A deck of cards with 52 inspiring impulses Personal development for all metaFox believes that emotional intelligence is the basis for a successful life. With their products, they therefore provide tools for authentic coaching and workshop experiences as well as personal growth. Stimulates intensive conversations... At first glance, they look like postcards. At second glance, the metaFox deep pictures are a useful tool for trainers, instructors, educators, therapists and simply anyone who strives for intensive reflection and deeper conversations. ...with powerful images... The deep pictures 'emotional worlds' come in boxes with 52 picture cards. On the front you will find carefully selected pictures that offer you metaphors and associations to help you connect with your experiences and start a conversation. ...and sensible questions. When you turn your card over, you will be confronted with a coaching question that matches the theme of the picture and invites you to deepen your thoughts even further. Discuss in the group, write your answer on your card and make it your anchor and reminder.  
Teamloop from €74,95 €79,95
The team loop Versatile use The ideen.kollektiv Lycra cloth is suitable as an icebreaker game for team building events, as a dynamic exercise to strengthen group cohesion, or as a safe place for joint brainstorming and feedback sessions. The right cloth for every group The lycra cloth is available in three different sizes, which are optimally adapted to the size of your group. It can therefore be used for teams of 2-20 people. There is even more space for children. Development down to the last detail The team loop is made from a high-quality and durable fabric that ensures optimum elasticity for different group sizes. The deliberately chosen width offers a feeling of safety and maximum comfort.  
Constellation Board Pro Figures (gold) €16,95 €19,95
About the golden constellation board figures A versatile tool for your systemic work! The golden system board figures offer many possibilities for externalizing a situation. Whether in a professional or private coaching, therapy or business environment - the systemic figures are perfectly suited for systemic coaching, family constellations, organizational constellations, supervision, psychotherapy, situation readjustments or planning, couples counselling as well as externalizing and brainstorming alone. Different shapes for even more possibilities The figures offer a wide range of applications by representing different shapes, including children, women, men, pets, objects, themes, tasks, problems or projects. In combination with other figures, they stand out particularly due to their golden color and can emphasize special system components. In addition, all figures are equipped with eyes so that directions of gaze or looking away can be represented. Development down to the last detail The different figures have been specially designed and precisely crafted from the best beech wood, using state-of-the-art laser technology for the minimalist eyes of the figures. Each figurine is carefully sanded by hand, resulting in slightly rounded edges. The golden solid wood figurines are particularly suitable for those who value an attractive appearance and appreciate the highest quality. Their elegant appearance makes them stand out and enables a unique display in systemic applications of all kinds.  
Individual Systemic Figures €4,95
  Individual figures to combine or repurchase... Create your own constellation! With the individual systemic figures, you have the freedom to design your systemic work according to your own ideas. Choose the figures that best suit your situation. From classic family members to abstract concepts - let your creativity run wild! The perfect addition to your setup! Complement your existing collection with systemic figures from different sets. Thanks to the ability to select individual figures as needed, you are no longer tied to an entire set. This allows you to create individual combinations and adapt your setup perfectly to your requirements. The diversity of systemic figures... Each figure has been carefully designed to play a unique role in your constellation. Whether family members, emotions, professions, animals, problems or resources - choose from our entire range and design your constellation according to your own needs.
System Cloth €14,95 €19,95
About the system cloth The ideal addition for flexible use Expand your systemic toolbox with the system cloth! If you travel a lot and still don't want to do without the system board, use your system board figures with the system cloth. This will save you space and weight during your creative sessions! Lightweight, compact and versatile Externalize every conceivable situation at the location of your choice. With its compact format and low weight, the system cloth fits easily into any bag and is ideal for mobile use. The edge line can be used as a spatial separation in the system. If you don't need an edge line, you can simply turn the cloth over, as the reverse side has no line. Sophisticated and durable  We have spared no expense or effort in the development of this product. The fabric is characterized by first-class quality, is durable and consists of 50% cotton and 50% polyester!
Pro Constellation Board (round) €123,95 €129,95
About the Pro Constellation Board (round) Constellation Board with edge line Almost any conceivable situation can be externalized with this board. The printed edge line can be used as a spatial separation in the system. If you don't need an edge line, you can simply turn the board over - the back has no demarcation line. Various wooden figures The different figures and elements have been specially designed and made from solid wood. They can be used as desired and can represent different figures such as children, women, men, pets, objects, themes, tasks, problems or projects. There are 24 figures with eyes and 8 elements without eyes. Different shapes for even more possibilities The different shapes and sizes are perfect for representing gender, status or age. The solid wood figures are particularly suitable for anyone who values a natural look.    
Premium hand impression set - for group workshops or experiential education €29,95 €34,95
Your own handprint in just a few steps! The perfect gift A personal gift that will make people think of an event or a person for years to come - that is our aim with this product. Whether as an experience gift for couples, a creative gift idea for anniversaries, weddings, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day and birthdays or as an event for the whole family. The Makai hand impression set is a crafting set for adults that is not only a lot of fun, but also creates a great memory! A natural product The alginate supplied is a natural product and is obtained from algae. Our alabaster plaster is characterized by its extra fine grain size and pure white color. We have deliberately avoided using cheap building plaster and artificial molding compounds in order to rule out dermatological and quality risks. An independent testing institute has confirmed that it is very skin-friendly. The wooden base supplied is made of polished solid wood. Complete premium set Das 3D Premium Handabdruck-Set wird sicher verpackt in einem Umkarton und einem Abformeimer geliefert. Enthalten sind 450g hochwertiges Alginat, 1200g feinster Alabastergips, Handschuhe und für den Feinschliff ein Spieß, Schmirgelpapier, sowie eine hochwertige Nagelfeile aus rostfreiem Stahl. Natürlich mit deutschsprachigem Handbuch und Anleitungsvideo. Zusätzlich im Premiumset: eine Podestplatte aus Echtholz und ein Pinsel mit sechs Farben. Gestalte Dein Kunstwerk! Better than the competition Als Startup wissen wir, dass unsere Kunden nur mit herausragender Qualität und mit Liebe zum Detail zufrieden sind. Jede Produkteigenschaft und jeder Anleitungsschritt wurde 10x durchdacht und so optimiert, dass das Anfertigen des Handabdrucks für Dich kinderleicht gestaltet wird. Bei der Qualität haben wir nur auf die besten Materialien gesetzt und bieten Dir einen Video-Kurs, einen deutschsprachigen Kundenservice und eine Zufriedenheitsgarantie - ohne Wenn und Aber!    
Animal Figures €57,95 €63,95
About the animal figures Creative impulse in systemic coaching Systemic constellation is a profound method in the field of psychological counseling, coaching and personal development that aims to better understand and optimize interpersonal dynamics and structures. By using animal figures that represent people or characteristic role patterns, this method enables a creative and emotional approach to understanding complex relationships. Animal figures in team development Animal figures in systemic constellations allow a deeper and often more intuitive understanding of team dynamics. Each animal brings its own symbolism, which enables a multi-layered reflection of the various team roles. The selection and positioning of the animals - such as a turtle, tiger, cow, lion or giraffe - creates a visual and tangible image of the group structure and promotes discussion about individual contributions and relationships within the team. Playful system work for young and old The child-friendly animal figures allow a playful experience of system constellations. With the 22 different animal figures in various sizes, system members, problems or needs can be clearly represented by animals. The figures are particularly suitable for the easy representation of relationships and support the visualization of family and other social systems in a playful way.
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