E-Book - 15 Team Building Games €0,00 €9,95
100% free This e-book currently costs €0.00 instead of €9.95. You can download it directly as a PDF after purchase! 15 group games for every occasion Whether for teams or school classes – the group games improve communication in any type of group. No tools needed The games can be played at home or at a location of your choice without any extra materials or tools.
Constellations with the System Board - Wolfgang Polt, Dr. Markus Rimser €29,00
Interventions for Coaching, Counseling and Therapy In systemic counseling practice, constellation work with the system board has gained significant importance. The authors consider this work as a successful combination of proven basic principles of therapeutic practice and innovative, creative as well as holistic concepts. A Structured Practice Book of the System Board Application You will receive a structured practice book of the system board application, which will enable you step by step to reflect the method in your own coaching settings and to transfer it immediately into your daily consulting practice. Versatile Use! Suitable for those interested in a wide range of counseling disciplines: coaching, life and social counseling, supervision, therapy, psychological counseling, organizational counseling.  
Solutions with the System Board - A Comprehensive Handbook for Constellations with the System Board in Management Consulting and Personal Consulting - Georg Breiner, Wolfgang Polt €29,00
The system board: No other instrument supports consultant and client so playfully, easily and simply in the development of comprehensive, sustainable solutions.Now a perennial favorite in modern consulting work, it is as easy to use as it is highly effective and yet very multifaceted. The very special thing about this book: gut meets brain. The long overdue linking of highlights of management consulting with the best concepts of personal consulting weaves cognitive approaches with intuitive processes into an effective unity. Beginners will find everything they need for a successful start in step-by-step instructions. For experts, there are numerous new insights from the rich experience of the two authors.
116 Questions for Successful Team Development - Question Cards Including Digital Version, 24-page Booklet, Explanatory Videos and Online Material (Coaching Cards) €34,95
The question cards are a great way to work efficiently and playfully in teams and groups. You can use them in many ways to reflect on your own competencies and to develop your team.And if you are unsure how to best use the cards, we have also provided explanatory videos for you. Just click on "online material".A forward-looking question culture is the be-all and end-all of successful team development. With the question cards you support team building and help with the distribution of tasks and acceptance of the different competencies within your group. The surprising, potential-oriented questions stimulate new perspectives and development opportunities for the team as well as for each individual team member.In an accompanying booklet, the authors introduce you to the double-triple model, which you can use to create such a question culture. They also offer you systematic approaches based on philosophical and psychological team development models. With creative ideas they also show you how to use the cards in an online setting.Whether you are a coach, consultant, leader or part of a self-managed team, the question cards can support you in your team processes. They are also great as a practice tool in trainings, such as coaching, consulting, training, or leadership.
Group, Team, Top Team - the Practical Handbook for Team Leadership €39,95
Do you want to lead your team optimally and make the best possible use of their individual strengths and talents? This practical handbook actively supports you in doing so. The authors convey clear, easy-to-understand theories and methods, which they illustrate with practical examples. With targeted exercises, you can experience team-relevant topics and promote the transfer to professional life. In this way, you can implement the elaborated team workshops directly in your team meetings.The book is based on the authors' many years of experience in team support and the Team-Radar® analysis, which enables an assessment of your team's strengths and weaknesses. You can do it online with and for your team. Become a successful team leader now with this helpful practical handbook!
(Book) Simply Complex! Learning to Think Systemically for a Sustainable World - Andreas Güthler €29,00
Our world is becoming increasingly complex and challenges such as global justice or climate change require holistic thinking and action. This book is a toolbox with numerous practical methods and multipliers in educational work that can inspire more people for this approach to thinking and acting and thus make them important actors for the urgently needed social-ecological transformation. Systems thinkers think in terms of solutions, not problems. This book can be part of the solution, toward a more just world. In this book, you will learn why we have such a hard time understanding complex systems. You will also learn how complex systems are structured and how they behave, how you can successfully change systems and thus contribute to sustainable development, and how you can use a systematic attitude to make your educational work easier and more effective and to communicate it. The heart of the book is a detailed practical chapter with 42 methods for educational work.
75 Picture Cards Team Development - Charlotte Friedli €43,99
In order to transform your group from a loose network into a productive team, you need common goals and tasks as well as a culture of good cooperation. You achieve and maintain this through careful and active cultivation of communicative exchange among your team members.The picture cards are ideal for your team building and development, as well as for coaching, consulting and leadership training. In the accompanying booklet, Charlotte Friedli describes the various possible applications. The picture cards serve as visual stimuli to stimulate thinking and promote communication. The focus is on: Coordination and cooperation; soft skills; roles, role expectations, positions; overcoming ingrained thought patterns; efficiency in difference. Special features are the team puzzle and the digital picture cards.The methods for picture card work are based on a unique combination of systemic approaches, fair speaking and humor, combined with the insights from multisensory communication. They are promisingly suited for your team development. Thinking in pictures, linking pictures and words, as well as the various methods and game variations for using the material enable multisensory perception and thus promote processes of cognition and development. Charlotte Friedli developed picture elements such as a trigger picture, role collage and the puzzle card especially for this set of picture cards. In addition, there are method variants specifically for teamwork: • Task clarification • The metaphorical team journey • Puzzles together • Empathy exercise • Memory From the content: Multi-sensory approaches in your work with teams • Reflective feedback • Quick reflection • Discussion and questioning methods compact • Etiquette for working together • Make a team out of a group • Soft skills – tough people • Roles, role expectations and positions • Back to the goal • Efficiency in the difference

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