Zollstock - The cooperation game

Teambuilding Spiel mit dem Zollstock für bessere Kommunikation im Team

A simple game with great benefits

Only 20 minutes...that's how long your participants can concentrate on a speech. After that, the likelihood that your listeners will spontaneously fall asleep and fall out of their chair increases enormously ;) To prevent this from happening, successful trainers always plan short interaction units. If the interactions are chosen appropriately, the learning effect can be significantly increased. People learn less by listening than by understanding through play. Therefore, look for a selection of mini-games that you can use to introduce your participants to the various aspects of team building and at the same time ensure fun-related attention.

A quickly organized game with simple means is the ruler game.

The ruler game not only helps you with team building of craftsmen and engineers. (Of course, it goes particularly well with these groups, depending on the context.) In general, you can use the ruler game with all types of teams in every age group. The fitness or condition of the participants does not play a role.

This game is particularly suitable for restless participants, as it requires quick, but above all careful and calm action.

Ruler cooperation game

The ruler game is perfect for in between.

Since the ruler game hardly needs any preparation, it is a good gap filler and small concentration booster to interrupt a dry theory unit. This way you can easily keep the attention of the participants. Since the use of materials is quite manageable, you can play this game spontaneously anywhere with your participants. It doesn't matter whether it's on the green field, in the sports hall or during on-site training in the office.

What do the participants learn?

With the ruler game, you can playfully show your participants the connection between speed and quality when completing tasks together. Since hectic movements usually lead to the loss of the queen - pieces, the participants train in this game with a focus on calm but quick cooperation. The right mix of speed and accurate completion of the job is sought.


A folding rule is placed on the floor for each team. The individual links are alternately bent at 90 degrees, creating a zigzag. Checkers are now placed on the corners. The task of the participants is to pick up the folding rule and straighten it. The folding rule should therefore be folded out completely and put down again without the lady stones falling down. If the number of participants is sufficient, it makes sense to work with several teams in order to create time pressure through competition.

Benefits of the game

  • age independent
  • Fitness hardly matters
  • prepared very quickly
  • little use of materials
  • indoors/outdoors
  • Playfully conveying the connection between quantity and quality
  • the group must act as a team

The eye plays along

In order to give your training the most professional shine possible, please don't look for grandma's old game pieces and folding rules from the last renovation in the basement! In our shop we have prepared the ruler game for you in a neat look. In this way you cut a good figure in front of every training group and do not lose the respect of your training group with carelessly prepared material.

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