Working with the "teambahn"

In this article you will find out how you can use the teambahn to improve cooperation within the group or your team.
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Get team building rolling

Team building can be explained in a long lecture.

Best with Powerpoint and flipchart.

This ensures that the participants no longer have any questions.

Because everyone is sound asleep...

The picture shows a person listening to a theoretical lecture on team building. That's not how team building works!

In order for the participants to really understand what a team means, experience is a much better means. Movement games are perfect for literally getting the coaching session rolling and waking up the participants. The participants get your circulation going and the atmosphere in the team improves significantly.

A good game for training with teams can be " teambahn ". In this game, the team spirit is conveyed perfectly, since the goal can only be achieved together.

In good teams, everyone knows their job and takes care of their teammates. This is how the best possible result is achieved. Careful handling and good communication balance out the strengths and weaknesses of the individual team members. The results improve significantly.

How can you train good teamwork and visualize it at the same time?

Just as many processes build on each other in companies, the team track game reproduces this. Contestants must roll a ball into a target using pipelines. However, there are fewer pipe segments than participants. And the way to the goal is longer than the sum of the track segments. This gives momentum and simulates the scarce resources in the real world. In order to achieve the goal, the participants are forced to work in a team. This ensures that no participant is left out and everyone learns to look out for one another.

Course of the team track game

Participants line up and hold the segments of the team track roughly horizontally in front of their bodies to form a track. Now the ball starts to roll at the first track segment and after the successful transfer to the second segment, the first team member runs to the end of the track and hands over their track piece so that the track can be extended. This continues until the ball rolls into a predefined target. The rules can be individually adapted to the team.

teambahn game in action, outdoors on a meadow

What are the rules of the pipeline game?

The rules can be freely defined, but in principle the following can be defined:

  • The ball must not be thrown
  • one track element fewer than participants
  • the ball can only roll in one direction
  • the ball must not stop rolling
  • you can only run without a ball
  • the ball must not be touched

Additional control options and variations:

  • less orbital elements
  • form a curved path rather than a straight one
  • timings
  • Install obstacles (stairs, doors, furniture, create bottlenecks, etc...)
Define goals, find solutions

The participants are confronted with various problems in the game with the rail glider. The solution lies in good teamwork and communication. This is already the case at the beginning of the game. If the first competitor starts too low, all the following must choose a very flat angle for the elements of the team track, so that the route to the finish is also downhill. This is exactly where the team can pay attention to its strengths and put the largest members at the beginning.

Very interesting is also the possibility to let two or more dependent teams play. In this way, two opposing teams form each team lane, which can aim to reach the finish line as simultaneously as possible. So, not only do the teams have to function internally, but they also have to pay attention to the partner team in order to achieve a good result. Similar to the cooperation between two departments in the company. So that the teams can coordinate, one team member acts as an ambassador who coordinates with the ambassadors of the other teams.

What does the coach do?

Trainers or coaches have the task of explaining the game and (possibly also with the participants) of defining goals. The first attempts are happily allowed to run free so that the team can come together and work out solutions independently. For the coach, these first attempts are perfect for observing the individual team members and getting an overview of the composition of the group. In the further course, technical tips can also be given. For example, the track elements can be gently shaken to slow the ball down. With this information, the team can then reorganize itself accordingly.

In order to properly organize what has been learned in the minds of the participants, the game is followed by a debriefing, in which the participants share their experiences and establish the connection with their daily tasks in the team.

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