Team building: with the Kreiselzeichner to the "As if from a single source" team

Teambuilding: mit dem Kreiselzeichner zum

Can your team make a perfect circle?

"As if from a single source" or "everything from a single source". A saying that is often used by companies that offer various coordinated services or products. These sentences could serve as a motto for successful teamwork. In many cases, however, the meaning behind this saying is hardly or not at all implemented in everyday working life. In order for many hands to function as one, however, one hand must know what the other is doing.

Every finger is important in a team

Let's see what happens when you draw a picture with your hand. Each finger has its position on the pen. The head also receives brief feedback from each finger as to how the position feels and whether the finger is really where it should be. If one finger is broken, the others can sometimes get the result by changing the position. However, this will not correspond to the optimum. It feels more tiring and complicated when part of the hand isn't doing what it's supposed to. So every finger is important. For a good result, the fingers must regulate their position and the pressure on the pen and the surface together and in a perfectly coordinated manner.

It's the same with good teams. Everyone has and knows their job very clearly and communicates with the rest of the team to achieve the best possible result together.

In order to teach the team in front of you to work well together and to show the team how difficult it is to have such a hand, let them paint a picture together. The gyroscope artist turns the team members into the individual fingers of the hand. Only through teamwork is it possible to achieve the desired result 'like from a single source'. Drawing a perfect circle is the ultimate goal. Even good artists have a hard time drawing an absolutely perfect circle.

With the Kreiselzeichner to the 'From a single source' team

Teach your participants to act as skillfully and in tune as the fingers of one hand. The top drawer is ideal for optimal coaching.

The team members stand in a circle or sit around a table. Each team member is given a rope, which is connected to the circletograph including a pen in the middle. Each team member is now a finger of the hand. Now each "finger" can pull the pen in his direction.

Now all the “fingers” can have the pen draw a line in your direction by pulling the string. But only if, for example, the “finger” opposite lets you relax a little at the same time. Your participants will quickly realize that only good cooperation leads to the goal and start to think about it accordingly. They will start communicating with each other and reconsider the team structure. Various scenarios can take place:

  • There will be teams that constantly discuss, coordinate and decide in the group,
  • some will elect a head to lead the team.
  • Really good teams that know each other and have good spatial thinking will perhaps even be able to implement this task without a lot of verbal agreements.

As an extra, we have integrated a disruptive or guide rope into the game. For example, an 11th person can cause external disturbances or guide the gyroscope in a certain direction.

No matter how the teams solve the task, they will proudly celebrate what they have achieved at the end.

Do you also want to form teams that work as if from a single source? Then have a look at our shop. Your circle artist is waiting for you there ;-)

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