Five tips for introverted coaches and team leaders

Fünf Tipps für introvertierte Coaches und Teamleiter

Without confidence it is difficult to coach and lead....

Why should your group trust you if you don't believe in your own abilities?

group leader

People who sign up for training or coaching are choosing to improve. This also applies to employees in a department - many want to improve and look up to leaders. You are looking for a competent person who has dealt with a topic professionally. To learn how to do it right and to improve yourself!

The willingness to be guided stands and falls with the coach. A coach who is passionate about his or her topic and aware of the signals he or she is sending will achieve significantly better results for themselves and the participants. A coach who shows with every movement that he is insecure and preferably invisible will not create any added value for the participants or for himself. If you don't burn for your topic, you don't have a fire to infect the participants. So introverts have a harder time conveying content well than extroverts. The good news, however, is that a confident demeanor can be trained and certain habits can help you to convey your knowledge well. So that your participants don't step on your nose and the coaching session is a success for everyone, here are 5 tips on how you can use your behavior to make the training session a success.

Trainers walk upright

What do an American drill sergeant and the surf instructor on Tahiti have in common?

-They are passionate about their cause, walk and stand tall, and show with their whole demeanor that they are fully committed. Her listeners hang on her every word (... ok, the Sergeant might have a bit of fear in it... ;-) ) How can you get noticed better? If you don't stand up straight by nature, then practice and raising awareness will help. Watch your shoulders. Don't let them hang forward. Walk as upright as possible in your free time. Start checking and improving your posture over and over again. The more often you remind yourself to stand up straight, the more your inner autopilot will set this posture as a standard.

Upright walk as a team leader

If you want to be heard, speak clearly

Your course participants should and want to understand you. You have something to say. So speak loud and clear! Make clear and not excessive announcements. Get “could”, “should”, “if possible” and other qualifying phrases and words out of your head. Clear announcements help coach and participants alike. A lengthy explanation mumbling into you will put your participants to sleep. Are you unsure how your words will be received or what the participants think of you? Then realize that everyone who has come to your seminar seems to have the basic assumption that you are competent. People find your words so important that they have taken the time to come and listen to you. You have an idea of ​​your topic. So pass on what you know and don't hide.

Good preparation for the coaching

Having a plan helps avoid uncertain moments. Avoid having to think about what to do during the lesson. Plan your coaching carefully beforehand and divide different activities into time units. Of course you can and should improvise, depending on the process, but a basic structure will help you to give the participants a clear line. By the way, cheating is also allowed! Having a brief written synopsis of your thoughts with you can be a huge help if you black out in between.

Clear speaking as a communication factor

Determine consequences as early as possible

The principle of carrot and stick was already known in ancient Rome and today it can also support your authority in coaching. Of course you shouldn't take the stick literally, that could have an unfavorable effect under criminal law and carrots are certainly not advisable if you're a nutrition coach ;) However, naming the consequences clearly from the start can save you a lot of discussions. In order to have the group support you, you should also think of the carrot. Praise and honest appreciation as well as recognition are the keywords here.

gesture and articulation

Look at successful speakers

Claw with your eyes. Check out the coaches and trainers people love to listen to. What makes you special? How do you stand out? Watch closely what gestures they use so their arms don't just hang around uselessly. What attitude do they adopt when they appear in front of their audience? What wording do you choose? Just like your customers want to learn from you because you can do better, you can learn from the best to advance yourself.


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