Coachingspace - the online system board

Coachingspace - das online Systembrett

You do not need to be physically close to your clients to successfully work with them on the system board

Working on the system board can help psychiatrists and coaches visualize relationships or externalize internal processes. The main advantage of this technique is the inclusion of the client and the visualization of conflicts or circumstances. In times of home office and quarantine, however, coaching and therapy sessions are increasingly being carried out online. But with pure video conferences, the client's action is limited to speaking and sometimes facial expressions and body language. This puts the client in a relatively passive role, which can be a hindrance. Working with the system board or flipcharts is difficult in video chat.

Working online on the system board is possible

While the ideen.kollektiv system board is already an established tool in many practices, we would like to introduce you to the online counterpart: the software from Coachingspace offers a solution (which can be used completely in the browser). With the help of this tool, you can easily move your work with the system board or flipchart into the virtual space... And virtual space really means a space, if you want that.

It is up to you whether the coaching should take place in a pleasant meeting room with a nice view or rather in the 'nowhere' to avoid distractions.

You can simply invite your clients via a link to a virtual room that you have prepared, which contains the system board, for example. Both the coach and the client can position the figures on this as they wish. Different perspectives can also be taken or specified. Especially the perspectives from the point of view of the individual pieces offer some possibilities that are difficult or impossible to implement with analog boards.

Virtual flip charts or maps of sensitivities

The program is not only limited to the system board. It is also possible to work together on the flipchart or on the map of sensitivities. Pre-drawn figures, speech bubbles and your own sample texts help with the creation of diagrams. The client can also work on the flipchart so as not to just watch passively. There is also the possibility of homework for the client. With the timeline function, you as a coach can also check the progress made.

Being able to see the person you are talking to is also important online

Looking each other in the eye and capturing the facial expressions of the other person are of course also important online prerequisites for a good coaching session. Here, too, the software offers a solution. No additional programs are required for video telephony, a video chat function is already integrated and, if required, a small additional window can simply be opened for this purpose.

Let's summarize: This gives you coaching space for the home office:

  • Efficiency : You can do many on-site appointments with less time from the home office
  • Availability : Whether clients are on vacation or in quarantine, you can act with them
  • New possibilities : put your clients in new situations through different perspectives or let the discussed scenarios appear as realistic as possible
  • All the tools together : Whether it's a flipchart, system board or collection of notes. Everything is clearly available in one program.

With the right software, working hours and costs can be saved for you as a coach. In addition, you can give your clients new insights and offer advice from anywhere.

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With this link you can even test the system board for free without registering: Coachingspace

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