Working with the Fröbelturm - a report from practice

Arbeit mit dem Fröbelturm - ein Bericht aus der Praxis

How can two stuck groups become a team?

In the branch of a clothing company, there were frequent arguments between the employees. After many individual and group discussions, the district administrator did not know how to get out of the deadlock and booked coaching in order to establish a functioning team from the quarrelsome hens, or in this case quarrelsome hens, with professional support. During the introductory conversation, the coach quickly realized that there were complex problems in the team that were based on misunderstandings, a lack of organization and prejudices. A major problem arose from the fact that each team member spent a different number of hours per week on the farm. The long-established colleagues all had significantly more hours than the employees who hadn't worked for the company that long. As a result, the shop was primarily run by the old hands, and ideas from new colleagues were generally discarded. Of course, gladly on the grounds that certain things have always been done that way.

Another problem was the fact that there was no official branch management and that all employees were more or less on the same level. Such a concept can work, but the team members should also value each other and allow and try out new ideas.

So that the team could work out solutions themselves, the coach used, among other things, the Fröbelturm game (e.g. the teambahn is also possible). In this game, the participants in a circle hold a crane in the air with the help of ropes and use it to move individual special building blocks that have to be stacked to form the tower. Since the building block has to be moved by everyone together, single steps don't help anyone in completing the task. The goal can only be achieved through communication, patience and proper cooperation. Since there was no official boss in the team, the coach first let the participants freely try out how the problem could best be tackled. As in everyday work, the long-serving employees initially took over the helm. However, since the participants were mixed by the coach in such a way that the two groups were roughly equal in strength, the balance of power was evenly distributed and the goal could only be achieved by accepting constructive ideas from all participants.

Since the younger employees felt ignored after a short time and noticed mistakes in the announcements made by the older employees, which kept repeating themselves, they simply stopped walking.

There was a strike on the small.

The older employees became aware that this conflict could only be solved by working together on an equal footing, and cautious negotiations ensued, in which the younger players could also contribute their ideas. The results continued to improve in the following rounds. So that the team could try out whether the constellation, in which everyone has the same say, or whether leaders should be established, the coach included different variations. There were rounds in which everyone should act equally, as well as rounds in which only one or two participants had the floor. In the end, it all came down to the agreement that each of the initial groups would appoint a colleague to be spokespersons, who would coordinate and set the tone. The team found that this was the best way to work together.

For which environment is the Fröbelturm game suitable?

The Fröbelturm game is particularly suitable for outdoor coaching or working in larger rooms, as there must be some freedom of movement. The game is not only interesting for professional team building. If you put this game at the beginning of a children's birthday party, small groups can be avoided directly, the kids get to know each other and nobody can be left behind. Plus, it's just so much fun to create something together.

What does the Fröbelturm game convey?

  • Promotion of social skills
  • learn to work together
  • Patience leads to the goal
  • The importance of each individual team member is clearly displayed
  • A lot of fun

Our Fröbelturm game for you and your participants

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